Sewing while on DayQuil

I made lounge pants! With a pattern traced from a pair of favorite sweat pants that are falling apart!


I have a favorite pair of grey sweat pants that are finally falling apart after about 10 years. Since I am learning to sew, and people say that lounge pants are easy, I decided to try my hand at re-creating them. I traced the outline on some wrapping paper, and followed the instructions I found online.


I used an old comforter cover for the fabric, and whipped up a pair. It was too small. I could get into them, but not bend my legs, and elastic was completely unnecessary. So, I waited a couple days and made another pair, leaving about an inch next to the pattern on the fold of the fabric. I sew the way I cook – using approximate measurements. I imagine this will cause problems when I start trying to sew more precise items, unlike bags and lounge pants. Something to work on.

First I sewed each leg up to the crotch, then turned one leg inside out and put it inside the other leg. Matched up the front/back seam between the two pairs and sewed that closed. Fun fact: the place where the two seams join is called a “saddle point” in topology. Yep, I’m a math teacher. Also, I forgot to take pictures of most of the steps.

Tried them on, and they fit! Even a bit big, so I actually needed elastic to hold them up. Sewed the waist, added the elastic, and hemmed the legs. I officially have a pair of upcycled handmade lounge pants. And the pattern matched, even though I am sewing while on DayQuil.

They fit! Grainy photo, but you get the idea.


Next time I’ll make the elastic a bit shorter, and give a bit more rise in back. The pants give me camel toe, but they are just for lounging, so I don’t care. Upon reflection, the pair they are modeled after have the same issue. Next task: making a pair using old flannel sheets.

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